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Candidate Feedback From (Post-Selection)
At the CPABI Candidate Questionnaire, we are constantly striving to find a way to improve our service.
If you could take a few moments to answer the questions below you will be helping us to achieve this aim.
*  Name:
*  Registration No.:
*  Address:
*  E-mail:
*  Mobile No.:
*  Phone No.:
Organization Joined through Campus Placement  Yes   No
Date of Joining
Work Duration in the organization From:   To:
Date of Separation ( if applicable) From:
1. What are primary reasons for leaving the organization, joined through campus placement?
a. Remuneration:
b. Professional Growth:
c. Dissatisfaction with the Organization policies and procedures:
d. Work environment (Interaction Levels, recognition, appraisal feedback,communication, career planning):
e. Relocation:
f. Higher Studies:
g. Lack of Overseas Opportunities:
h. Role:
i. Types of project:
j. Relationship with superiors:
k. Relationship with Peers:
l. Lack of proper Recognition:
2. What is your feedback on:
a. Satisfaction level with role and the job content: Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
b. Your rapport / interpersonal relationship with supervisor: Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
c. Your rapport / interpersonal relationship with peers: Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
d. Training / learning opportunities in your tenure with the organization: Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
e. Talent Management/ Talent Development/ Resource Management: Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
f. Induction & Integration: Excellent Good Satisfactory Poor
3. What are the top 3 reasons that triggered the alternate job search?
1st Reason:
2nd Reason:
3rd Reason:
4. Did you express your concerns to anyone before you started the alternate job search?
a. Reporting Manager: Yes No
b. Anyone else: Yes No
5. Did you express your concerns to anyone before you started the alternate job search?
6. What is your current role in the organization? What role is the new organization offering you?
Current Organization:
New Organization:
7. What is the name of the organization you are joining and the percentage hike in salary in your new role?
Name of the Organization:
Change in Salary:
8. Would you like to rejoin in the future ?
Yes/No: Yes No
Why? :
9. Any Additional Comments/Suggestions

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