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LEAD - A Diversity Support for Women CAs through : An Initiative by the Committee for Capacity Building of Members in Practice ((CCBMP) & CPE Committee

The Committee for Capacity Building for Members in Practice (CCBMP) & Continuing Professional Education Committee (CPEC) present LEAD – A Diversity Support Initiative where Women CA’s in any stream can ask questions on Personal development, Professional Enhancement and strategies to stay empowered and be leaders. Questions will be answered by a Panel of Experts in a few days time.

Queries are enabled through a platform i.e. Samadhan link -

It may be mentioned that the below should be kept in mind while asking queries:

  • Querist can ask a query only on the topic Personal development, Professional Enhancement and strategies to stay empowered and be leaders that has been opened for the QnA Session.
  • Queries outside of the session topic will not be entertained.
  • It will be the endeavour of ICAI to enable the responses within a reasonable time frame having regard to the number of questions received.
  • Only one question per querist is permitted in the present session.
  • Disclaimer: The replies to queries are provided for information purpose only and do not constitute legal advice. The ICAI or Panellist accepts no liability or duty of care for the content of information or for the consequences of any action taken on the basis of information provided. Since possibility of alternate view exists the users should use their judgement and make informed inquiry with their advisors on information provided. Any views or opinions presented are solely those of panellist and do not represent views of ICAI. ICAI or the panellist has no responsibility to update the information provided herein for any subsequent change in law or judicial decision.

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