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Following taxpayer services are being offered by the Income Tax Department e-delivery mode:

1. Dissemination of tax related information

General information about compliance with direct tax laws, etc. is available in the website of Income-tax Department at

2. Dissemination of taxpayer specific information

The facility allows taxpayers limited access to view their information relating to status of their PAN applications tax payments etc. on interest.

Currently taxpayers can access "Know Your PAN" and "Download challan forms with pre-printed PAN/TAN" on, track status of PAN applications at and and check payment at

3. PAN and TAN related services

Applications for allotment or correction of PAN can be filed online. Status of PAN application can be tracked online and application for Tatkal allotment of PAN be made at and

Application for allotment or correction of TAN correction can be filed at 'Know Your TAN' facilitates the deductors to know the TAN allotted to him.


Call center for grievance handling


Taxpayers can lodge grievances relating to PAN/TAN applications at or . They can also lodge telephone grievances at 0124-24380000.

4. Preparation of returns of Income

Department has simplified the return forms for salaried and other non corporate taxpayers. Naya Saral (Form 2E) is a simple one page return form meant for salaried taxpayers. A free Return Preparation Software called 'Sampark' is available on department's website since 2003.

5. e-filing of returns of income

e-filing of returns of income through e-Return Intermediaries

Eligible categories of tax professionals and financial services providers can register as e-Return Intermediaries. For details visit 1.06.2005 taxpayers will be able to file returns through e-Return Intermediaries


e-filing of Returns of income directly by salaried taxpayers

Direct e-filing of returns of income by salaried taxpayers on internet under digital signatures will be available for eligible taxpayers from June, 200

6. e-payment of taxes

New simplified challans (ITNS 280, 281 and 282) have been notified.

Banks give the taxpayers a counterfoil with rubber stamp containing the Challan Identification Number (CIN) by which the Challans is identifiable across all systems. Taxpayer can go to the website of Tax Information Network (TIN) at http://tin.nsdl.comenter the Challan Identification Number and view the tax payment data.

Tax payments can also be made through internet using net banking facility of designated banks. This service is being presently offered by SBI and IDBI.

7. Computerised processing of returns/refunds

All returns are being processed on computers within a time frame of 4 months. More than 2 crore returns were processed on computers in F.Y. 2003-04. Computerised processing of returns has enabled faster processing of refunds, improved taxpayer service, and lower interest outgo on refunds.

Facility for electronic credit of refunds directly to the bank account of taxpayers has been introduced in 12 cities for salaried taxpayers from March, 2004.

A system of Computer Assisted Selection of cases for Scrutiny (CASS) has been developed to introduce transparency to eliminate discretion in selection of cases for scrutiny.

8. e-filing of TDS returns

Scheme for electronic filing of TDS returns was notified in September, 2003. The earlier 16 TDS return forms have been integrated into 3 forms (Form 24/26/ 27).

Free TDS returns preparation software has been provided for generating e-TDS returns.

Over 600 Facilitation Centres have been set up in 235 cities for receipt of e-TDS returns.

Filing procedure has been simplified through TIN-Facilitation Centres and improved Service Quality.

A web-based facility for online filing of e-TDS returns under digital signatures is available at http://tin.nsdl.

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