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CD of 'Research Publications (As on July 1, 2003)', brought out by the Research Committee, contains electronic copy of nine research publications issued in recent years by the Research Committee, viz., the following:
  1. Technical Guide on Accounting and Auditing in Hotel Industry

  2. Technical Guide on Accounting and Auditing in Not-for-Profit Organisations

  3. Guidelines on Internal Audit of Enterprises Carrying on Advertising and Publicity Business

  4. Guidelines on Internal Audit - Tyre Industry

  5. Guidelines on Internal Audit - Tours and Travel Services

  6. Study on Accounting in Power Sector

  7. Study on Audit and Certification in Situations of Missing Records

  8. Detection of Frauds - Some Case Studies

  9. Management Control Systems in Non-Profit Organisations with special reference to Hospitals

The CD has been prepared in a user-friendly module with convenient search-functions for easy referencing.

Price Rs. 150.00

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