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Current Content Plan of Journal
(Pages 144+4 cover) (approx 15-20 pages are consumed by advertisements)

S.No Features
1. Front Cover
2. Editorial (1 pg)
3. Contents Pages (2 pg)
4. From the President (4 pg)
5. Readers Write (1 pg)
7. Face to Face(Interviews with renowned personalities)
8. Know Your Ethics (1-2 pg)
9. Legal Update: Notifications/Circulars, Legal Decisions (Taken at tribunals, High Court and Supreme Court level, and Disciplinary case (25pgs)
10. EAC Opinion (contributed by Expert Advisory Committee) (5 pg)
11. Accounting: Articles/ write-ups/ commentaries/ speeches, exposure drafts, guidance notes, announcements and other related information, etc
12. Auditing:Articles/ write-ups/ commentaries/ speeches, exposure drafts, guidance notes, announcements and other related information, etc
13. Taxation/International Taxation: Articles on Taxation etc.
14. Corporate & Allied Laws:Articles on Company Law, Labour Law, Stock Exchange topics, Corporate Governance, Independent Directors, revised Clause 49, etc, Taxation related topics, etc.
15. Information Technology:Articles, features aiming to keep the members/readers abreast of the latest developments in the area. To specifically focus on various IT Tools of relevance to members/readers.
16. Professional Panorama/Avenue:Covers Emerging and future opportunities for members, and Career oriented articles
17. Industry Specific/Members in Industry-Government:Article(s)/write-up(s)/Issue(s) focusing on members in industry and government and issues like Costing, Management Accounting, Puplic Sector Auditing etc, preferably authored by CEOs, CFOs.
18. Global Perspective: Article(s)/write-up(s) aimed at updating knowledge of members with respect to emerging opportunities, new rules and regulations, economic scenario, or any other areas and aspects abroad. Also covers ‘(professional) Education Abroad’ informing about the educational facilities and opportunities available to CAs abroad.
19. Banking & Finance: To carry related articles and other information, etc.
20. WTO/Trade: Articles on trade and commerce including foreign trade
21. Outsourcing: Articles covering outsourcing sector
22. Management: Articles on various aspects of management
23. Economy/Economic Update: Meant to cover article(s), economic indicator graphics, etc. (1 pg)
24. National Update (News of interest to members) (2 pg)
25. International Update: Accountancy related news, information and other developments around the world (2 pg)
26. Book Review
27. Accountants’ Browser: It will carry reference of articles etc of use for the profession published in leading journals etc. This will include such journals/books, which can be accessed by all.
28. ICAI News (Announcements from various Committees)
29. Events:Announcements pertaining to various events, seminars, etc. organized by various committees etc of the ICAI shall be published as per the format decided by the Editorial Board.
30. Tech for You: (update on latest tools/technology of interest to members)
31. General:(a) Includes article/write-ups on Health Issues, time management, stress management, spirituality, humour and other matters of general interest.
32. Back Page:CAs’ Crossword and Smile Please (jokes)
33. Back Cover:

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