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General FAQs
Digital Certificates: An Introduction
What are digital certificates?
Why should I trust a digital certificate's contents?
What can I use digital certificates for?
How important is the use of digital certificates to me?
What different kinds of digital certificates are there?
What are personal certificates?
What are server certificates?
PKI Related: Terms Explained
What do you mean by the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?
What is Cryptography?
What is a key?
What is secret/symmetric cryptography?
What is public/asymmetric key cryptography?
What is encryption?
What is decryption?
What is data confidentiality?
What is data integrity?
What is sender authentication?
What is non-repudiation of origin/data accountability?
What is a message digest?
What exactly is a digital signature?
Public key vs. secret key: which cryptography system is better?
Digital Certificates: Want to know more ?
What information do digital certificates contain?
What are the functions of a digital certificate?
What is a Certifying Authority (CA)?
How are digital certificates issued?
How do digital certificates work in e-mail correspondence?
How do digital certificates work in a web site?

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