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Some of the initiatives taken by the ICAI-ICWAI-ICSI Coordination Committee during the year include:

  • Sharing of common resources and infrastructure libraries, website access/linkage

  • Seeking recognition of three Institutes as education institutions for the purposes of allotment of land/building/electricity/water charges etc.

  • Exploring development of common e-facilities

  • Exploring the feasibility of and modalities for formation of Multi Disciplinary Partnership among the members of ICAI, ICWAI and ICSI

  • Reaching consensus on infrastructure and other amenities of the Appellate Authority

  • Exploring the feasibility of seeking accommodation in Government owned buildings, like CGO Complex, for housing various authorities, such as Appellate Authority, and Quality Review Board, established under the relevant Acts of the three Institutes

  • Exploring reciprocal arrangements for exemption in CPE hours to members of multiple bodies for attending programmes

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