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  • To popularize the Placement Portal of the Institute and in addition to, continuing Campus Interviews, for newly qualified Chartered Accountants, hold overseas campus and global HR meets.
  • To promote and develop collaborative research based publications for industry specific members.
  • To explore and develop new avenues of employment/skill development for Members in industry and Business through liaison/ programmes with various Trade Associations, Chamber of Commerce/ Governments/ Ministries etc. and regulatory authorities in and outside India.
  • To provide maximum possible exposures to the world of Trade, commerce, Industry and Governance, while simultaneously pursuing the goal of providing the maximum employment opportunities.
  • To develop a sector-wise data bank of the Members in industry and Business and consider the ways and means to enhance their participation in the mainstream activities of the Institute.
  • To encourage and recognize the national and international Leaders and other achievers of the Industry making ICAI Proud.
  • To organize seminars, webinars, conferences, workshops, national and international Residential Refresher Courses (RRCs).
  • To organize Orientation type programmes for the members desirous to pursue Career in Industry.
  • To provide leadership and guidance on relevant issues and consider the problems pertaining to the career planning, ethics and other related matters of the Members in industry and Business.
  • To put focus on roles, domain and competencies of Members in industry and Business, sustainability and corporate responsibility, risk management and control, financial and performance management and business reporting.
  • To instill value system in the members serving in industry and business houses by furthering encouragement towards innovation and collaboration.
  • To inspire confidence for continuous improvement and excellence through display of honesty, transparency, Accountability and fairness, build trust, respect, co-operation, inclusiveness and positive attitude among the Members in industry and Business.

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