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Important Announcement
Association with the Committee on Economic, Commercial Laws & WTO
The Committee on Economic, Commercial Laws & WTO is a Non Standing Technical Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India which has been constituted with the merger of two former committees namely (i) Committee on Economic and Commercial Laws and (ii) Committee on Trade Laws & WTO of the ICAI and its mandate is as under:
  • To strive for capacity building of members in the rapidly changing world trade scenario in order to technically equip the members of the Institute to face the challenges and derive advantages to broaden the scope of their expertise in the new world trading regime and to contribute towards the economic development of India.
  • To create a knowledge base on various matter concerning various National and International Trade Laws and Protocols, and their implications and ramifications by examining various Economic, Commercial Laws, Rules/Regulations/ Notifications issued there-under, vis-à-vis International Legal scenario/best practices and those arising from WTO era
  • To make representations to the concerned suggesting suitable amendments/modifications, wherever deemed fit.
  • To develop and publish Technical Guidance, Background Materials/Reports, Guides, Commentaries, References, Publications etc. on Economic, Commercial Laws and WTO agreement.
  • To serve the multifunctional task of Analysis, Knowledge dissemination, inputs to policy formulation, references in areas of professional interest to ICAI Membership and bolster the element of potential professional opportunities.
  • To develop a base of expertise amongst the members of the Institute on Economic, Commercial Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, TRIPS, Anti-dumping laws, Foreign Trade Policy matters etc., through Seminars, training programs and such other methods as may be considered effective.
We invite the members to be part of the various pursuits of the Committee and in particular this association could be inter-alia in the nature of the following:
  • Research element whereby Members can contribute to formulation of representation under different Commercial Acts
  • Acting as a resource person in the Post Qualification Course in International Trade Laws & WTO and Certificate course on Arbitration of the ICAI
  • Preparation of the Background Material for various Seminars/ Conferences and emerging Bills/ Acts which may be of relevance to the Chartered Accountancy Profession
  • Preparation of drafts of Research Publications of the Committee
  • Contributing Articles relating to Economics, Commercial Laws and WTO for e-mail newsletter of the Committee.
Interested members may contact or write to Secretary, Committee on Economic, Commercial Laws & WTO, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI Bhawan, PO Box 7100, I P Marg, New Delhi – 110002. Ph: 011 – 30110499, Email:;

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