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  • Please click here for “Marking system of UCB auditors” as decided by the authority for preparation of the panel.

  • Please click here for “Marking system of Credit cooperative & other societies” as decided by the authority for preparation of the panel.

  • There will be bands of particular marks groups and each firm/ members empanelled will go to the particular group according to the marks earned by it/ him.

  • The final panel will be published in the official gazette by the cooperative department.

  • Allotment will be made by the cooperative department division wise and ICAI/ WIRC will not get involved in the allotment procedure.

  • UCB / Society will be arranged in descending order with highest working capital as on the last date of preceding financial year and there will be again various bands.

  • UCB /Society with the highest working capital in a particular band will be allotted to the firm/ proprietary firm/ individual member with the highest score in that band.

  • The final list of allotment with marking system will be hosted on the website of Govt. of Maharashtra and of ICAI/WIRC. The firm / proprietary firm/ individual member shall be entitled to download its/his/her allotment letter from the website

  • In case of UCB, there will be cooling period of at least one year after two years of allotment.

  • It may be reiterated that in case , any of the information/details given in the application from (including Annexures) is found to be false or incorrect, the firm will be debarred from the panel of auditors of UCBs and Credit Cooperative and Other Societies

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