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Students Skills Enrichment Board (BOS-Operations)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
21st July 2022


Restoration of course fees for the classes of IT and Soft Skills Training as per the prescribed fees during pre-Covid times

Due to the waning cases of COVID and relaxation of the various restrictions, ICAI has decided to organize the classes of ICITSS & AICITSS courses in physical mode at the Branch /Regional Level for all eligible students. In view of the above, the competent authority has decided on the following:

  • 1. Restoration of course fees of IT and Soft Skills courses of ICITSS & AICITSS to original fees of Rs 7000 for OC & MCS each, Rs 6500 For ITT & Rs 7500 for Advanced ITT due to resumption of classes in physical mode.

  • 2. The increase fees of IT & Soft Skills courses would be effective from 1st Aug 2022 i.e., the batches which will be launched / starting on and after 1st August 2022, the students are required to pay increased fees as per the point no. 1.

  • 3. The students who have already registered in the said batches starting on and after 1st August 2022 on the portal, shall be allowed to continue with the reduced fees only.
Students Skills Enrichment Board

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